Based in Raleigh, NC, we provide Outsourced Chief Investment Officer services
and practice management consulting for independent fiduciary advisors.

as part of your team, we seek for your business to flourish with growth in aum,
revenues & happy hnw clients. growth and planning initiatives are top strategic priorities through: 

  • Goals-Based Wealth Management processes of Discovery, Planning, Strategy Implementation, and Supervision

  • interpretation and analysis of the factors driving capital market assumptions

  • proactive portfolio construction, remodeling, and risk management

  • assessment of unique investment reward and risk metrics

  • application of differentiated asset allocation frameworks

  • responsiveness to unique investment policy statements & inbound ideas

  • Our extensive expert network, research applications, fintech tools, and 24 years of asset management experience
    will work to save you time and drive home solutions that are advisor-centric and client-focused.

Please contact Empowered Portfolios at or (919) 391-9232.